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Atelier is made of a small collective of experienced artists, styling hair from within the Residence Beauty Studios in Edmonton Alberta. We devote our time and attention to building relationships and to create a personalized, artistic experience from start to finish . We think of the hair as a canvas:creating a style that each individual will be able to achieve, maintain, and feel confident wearing everyday.

Our fresh studio space offers a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that caters to a diversity of clientele. Fine, thick, straight, curly, women’s , men’s and little’s. We never want to narrow our sights!



A small collective of experienced artists


Melissa Russell

With over 20 years of expierence, I feel fortunate to love my career as hairstylist, even more than in the beginning. For many of those years I’ve had the opportunity to work as a colour educator. This fuelled my passion for the industry by working alongside and being inspired by some of the most amazing stylists from across the country. I hold joy through the privilege of making people feel their most beautiful everyday and I love to watch my clients begin to relax as I work the fabric of their hair into a style that they love.


Holly seera

There is never a day I don’t enjoy learning new styles, creating new visions and mastering my skills even after all the years of experience and education I have had. I hope to always give a style to someone that will be effortless when they do it as well as make them feel authentically themselves. My mission put simply is to do hair so well that it’s a clients accessory to the beautiful people they already are and to make hair the least of people’s problems. I do my job because really at the end of the day I adore  making people feel wonderfully themselves. Life’s about doing what you love and luckily I get to do what I love everyday!


AMY shankar

My passion as a stylist for over 20 years and the experience of having owned a salon has brought me to the greatest realization,that what I love the most are the people, the art, and the craft of what I do.
I get to indulge in my love everyday of making people feel beautiful, look beautiful, and create beautiful hair. I'm grateful for all the amazing people who support me through this journey my career has led me through, and feel privileged to be able to make these people feel their most fabulous selves everyday. I want to always be able to make people smile and create brilliant hair for incredible people.


Each artist in our studio uses the paint they love the most to colour their canvas...your hair.


We put a lot of thought into which products we share with our clients.

Atelier supports like-minded companies that love and respect the environment as much as they love the people in it. We use quality, naturally-based hair products that will hold the integrity of your locks, and perform with your style.

Our years of experience, also allows us to know which products are the most beneficial to achieving healthy hair. Your hair is our art and we want products that keep it healthy, shiny and beautiful.


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